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Building TypeBronzeSilverGoldDiamond
SpiderSpider & CockroachSpiders, Cockroaches & rodentSpiders, Cockroaches, Rodents & Termite Inspection with a Comprehensive Report
Single Storey Home$165.00$230.00$285.00$440.00
Single Storey with Subfloor$175.00$240.00$295.00$450.00
Double Storey Home$195.00$260.00$315.00$470.00
Double Storey with Subfloor$205.00$270.00$325.00$480.00


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Termite Inspection / Timber Pest Inspection $235.0012 Page report provided with all inspections which cover all timber pest, Termites, Timber Borers, Fungal Decay and Chemical Delignification
Spiders$165.00Residual spry to gutters & down pipes, window & door frames, under eaves & fence capping, around hot water system, play equipment and out door furniture, clothes line,bins and letterbox, insecticide dust to roof void
Ants $185.00 Flood treatment to all ant nests, ant runways, in all garden beds, paths, drive ways and grassed areas
Cockroaches / Crickets$185.00Residual spray to all external Cockroach harbourage areas in all garden beds, leaf litter and Rocky's
Mosquitos$198.00Residual spray to all external Mosquito harbourage areas under shrubs, trees and foliage, pergolas, decking, and pool pumps
Rodents$155.00Rodent Removal $98.00 if treated by us
Millipedes $198.00Flood treatment to all harbourage areas
Weeds$198.00Broadleaf weeds to average size block spray all grassed areas for broadleaf weeds, spot treat all garden beds, paths and drive ways
Bees $155.00Extra Hives $55.00
Wasps$155.00Extra Nest $25.00
Fleas$198.00Internal and external residual spray
Silver Fish$185.00Includes Roof void
Snails Slugs$155.00
Possums$175.00 + 80.00 for each return visit Deposit of $150.00 per Trap
Feral Cats $175.00 + $80.00 For each return visit Deposit of $150.00 per Trap
Bed BugsInspection $198.00 Treatment $385.00 for the first room $165.00 for all subsequent rooms Strict Procedures are to be followed prior to treatment